4 Big Benefits of Joining an Honor Society


Nice job! You hit it out of the park last semester and your GPA reflects your hard work. Keep your grades up and it’s only a matter of time before the letters start rolling in.

That’s right – demonstrate a certain degree of academic excellence and college honor societies around the country will want to add you to their list of members. The criteria for eligibility vary, with some organizations focusing on GPA while others determine who can join based on where you rank in your class. Is joining an honor society a good idea? We’re glad you asked.

You can join as many honor societies as you want (provided you’re eligible), but don’t go accepting every invitation you can get your hands on. Every college honor society will charge a price for membership. While it’s a one-time payment for organizations like the SCLA, other groups may charge additional recurring chapter or national fees that you need to be aware of before you send in your acceptance.


Different honor societies offer different benefits, whether it’s a name, a network, or something else entirely. Some cater to certain majors or areas of study, while others include members of all academic disciplines. Want to know what you’ll get out of joining? Start by doing some research. Look for an established organization with a far-reaching presence, and browse testimonials from current or past members to see what kinds of experiences other students have had.

No matter what honor society you’re considering, we can’t stress enough that it’s up to you to make the most of it. If you’re motivated to use your membership to its full potential, you can expect to gain these four key benefits.

1. Boost your resume

We’ve discussed in a previous post how your resume might not be as important as you think, and we maintain that there are other critical things you should focus your time on when you’re waist deep in the job search. That being said, building a resume is still a necessary first step, and listing an honor society membership illustrates to potential employers that you took your time in college seriously. When you join the SCLA, we also offer more than 80 achievement-based certifications that allow you to highlight specific skills and competencies hiring managers want to see.

2. Gain valuable networking opportunities

Does networking contribute to career success? Absolutely, which is why we dedicated a previous post to discussing some of the benefits and a few tips on how to network successfully. One of the most promising aspects of joining an honor society is the opportunity to network with a group of like-minded students. The SCLA will also give you access to our network of Game Changer mentors. This roster spans the country and includes graduates of hundreds of schools in a wide variety of industries, all willing to offer advice and help you sharpen your skills.

3. Demonstrate your academic prestige

Honor societies add distinction to your resume because they highlight your academic achievements. To meet the SCLA’s eligibility requirements, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 for undergraduates or 3.4 for graduate students. Undergraduates must have 12 or more credit hours and graduates must have 9 or more. If you meet the above requirements and you’re in good academic standing with your institution, you can join the SCLA and draw additional attention to your strength in the classroom.

4. Access membership that lasts a lifetime

Joining an honor society can provide you with some big benefits while you’re in college, but the right organization can offer you resources long after you’ve graduated. Imagine you receive your hard-earned diploma and start down a certain career only to discover it’s not the right fit. If you joined an honor society with a lifetime membership, you can use the available career resources to help plan your next move.

Many students make the mistake of joining an honor society, adding it to their resume, and then forgetting about it entirely. At the SCLA, we believe an honor society should be more, which is why we strive to provide our members with incredible opportunities for networking, training and career advancement. We hope you’ll join us in taking advantage of these benefits. After all – you’ve earned them.